The Simple2Clad system is a high-quality and highly developed cladding system. It helps you quickly create really stylish and extensive uniform wall surfaces.

The pre-painted cladding system, available in contemporary grey or stylish black colours, enables the concealed fastening of the cladding panels, so that no traces of the fasteners are visible at all on the surface.

The Simple2Clad system includes not only the cladding panels but also fastening battens and nylon fasteners. The system has been designed with the user in mind to be as easy-to-use and as functional as possible. It is easy to install the fasteners by pressing them onto the cladding batterns then cladding slotted into the fasteners for quick installation. Compared to the mounting method used on the surface of a normal cladding panel, considerably fewer screws are needed by the Simple2Clad system.

Among the key features of the cladding system is durability. The service life of cladding is extended when the surface remains intact. Screw holes can weaken the paint surface, but the unbroken surface treatment protects the panels better and improves their durability. The factory finished, surface-treated panels also speed up construction, as there is no need to paint the cladding once installed.

Thermally treated whitewood is used as the raw material for the panels and battens, which is already very durable in itself and is a stable material for outdoor construction. We are convinced about the durability of our products, so we give them a 30-year guarantee for decay resistance and a 10-year guarantee for the paint surface.