ThermoWood® Decking

Excellent durability, stylish appearance 

Durability is one of the most important characteristics of our decking product. Thermal treatment provides the wood with an excellent biological durability, its decay resistance class is I-II and its usable life is many times greater than that of ntreated wood. Our deck's moisture content is half that of normal wood and surface splitting caused by UV-radiation will be less than with normal wood.

Size Available:

32 x 125mm (27 x 120mm)

4.8m lengths

  • Dual Profile: Grooved and brushed on reverse
  • Made from ThermoWood® nordic pine
  • Chemical free, only high temperature and water steam is used to treat the wood
  • Decay resistant
  • Dimensionally stable, no warping of the boards
  • Thermo-treated wood is an ecological and environmentally friendly material
  • Guaranteed quality: 30-year guarantee for decay resistance


Attach boards to a sub-frame with joists no further than 450mm apart with self-tapping and countersinking screws or by pre-drilling the holes. Low threaded screws and stainless steel hardware is recommended.


space deck boards 6mm apart to allow for expansion and contraction


Carefully paint/seal the ends of boards and screw holes and if any damage has been done whilst fitting using natural wood oil. To protect the boards from UV damdage and to maintain their colour we advise re-oiling 1-2 times a year. 


Screw boards around the edge of the deck to create a fascia


Ensure the there is ventilation at the top and bottom - space between components should be 6 mm.


Leave ventilation

We recommend that you use a surface treatment on decking boards. Without treatment the surface of thermally treated wood will turn grey due to UV-radiation. A natural wood oil is the best treatment to use once or twice a year. 

We are convinced about the durability of our products, so we give them a 30-year guarantee for decay resistance.

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